Remote Work Demystified: A Practical Guide by Experts for Leaders

Timo Holz
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In the light of the current Coronavirus-Pandemic, the information provided in this master thesis might prove to be valuable when companies, their leaders and employees suddenly need to deal with remote work. I hope this helps, feel free to download it for $0!


This is a 2020 master thesis that was intended as a field guide for leaders with best practices on how to deal with the challenges presented by remote work today. Additionally, the intention is to provide all necessary information regarding the basics of remote work so that any reader can get a broad overview and gain valuable insights, no matter how deeply they were previously exposed to the topic.

Interviews with experts on remote work—managers who have successfully worked in various remote work settings for multiple years—highlight the most important aspects that managers need to get right in order for remote work to be effective.

These best practices are presented in three categories.

1. Leadership: How do you create and uphold a company culture when your team or your whole company is working remotely?

2. Collaboration: How do you ensure that your employees work together effectively? What guidelines and tools are needed?

3. Recruiting: How do you hire remote workers? Are there differences to hiring for a co-located role? Do you need to meet in person?

14 ratings
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    March 2020
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  • Size1.78 MB
  • Length82 pages
  • First publishedMarch 2020


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Remote Work Demystified: A Practical Guide by Experts for Leaders

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